Save when you purchase a whole, half and quarter animal and get a freezer full of vacuum sealed cuts that are good for more than a year! Feel free to customize the order to your liking or try something new with our Butchers Choice options! See the difference that fresh, high quality local meat can make.



You can save by buying in bulk, compared to buying the same amount of meat from the store. Even better, when you have a freezer full of meat it means less trips to the store, less wondering about you next meal!

Customized Products

When you order through our custom cutting forms you can be sure to get your cuts made exactly the way you like them. Or, why not select our "Butcher's Choice" option and try something new?

Fresh, High Quality Meat

When you purchase meat from The Yukon Meat Co you can be sure that you are eating the highest quality meat in the territory. When you purchase using our custom cutting form, you can be sure that your meat is fresh, right from the farm.

Long Lasting

All of our cuts are vacuum sealed in packaging that preserves the products for over a year!

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